Reiko Tanaka
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Level N/A
Gender Female
Age 17-18
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student (3rd year)
Partner N/A
Relative(s) N/A
Manga Debut Animal 1
Anime Debut N/A




Norio & Kunimasa Round IEdit

When Norio Tsuburaya return to school, she become attracted to his pheromones. She try to seduce him by exposing her half naked body toward him, but fail when Norio could only see her Kakuen's appearance. She is then interrupt by Teruhiko and leave them in embarrassment.

The next day, she see Norio and his friend who try to greet her, but she try to ignore them in the hallway because Norio's pheromones was cover in Madarame.

Madararui & AbilitiesEdit

Reiko is a Kakuen and have no special ability beyond a human trait.



  • Reiko's Kakuen, a mandrill, is the largest monkey species and is closely related to the baboon.

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